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Quality of Life Questionnaire

Before downloading a copy of the Quality of Life Questionnaire users must read and adhere to the user agreement below. If you agree, please print out a copy for submission to the IOF Working Party on Quality of Life and press "User Agrees" at the end of this document.

User agreement for the Qualeffo-41 questionnaire between (User) and IOF.

The IOF grants User a non-exclusive, royalty free, limited license to use the English-language version (and authorized translations) of the Qualeffo-41 questionnaire in a standard format upon agreement with the following conditions.

  1. User shall not modify, abridge, translate or transform the Qualeffo-41 questionnaire in any manner, including minor changes in the wording and order.
  2. User shall not reproduce the Qualeffo-41 questionnaire except for the limited purpose of generating sufficient copies for its own use and shall in no event distribute copies of the Qualeffo-41 questionnaire by any means. As User is planning a multi-centre study, it should reinforce this agreement with users in all centres.
  3. User shall supply the questionnaire data to the IOF for the purpose of the ongoing validation of the questionnaire. This concerns the baseline data on the questionnaire (with some essential subject data). Final data on the questionnaire will not be published without prior consultation of the IOF Working Party.

Please submit the questionnaire data to:

Prof. Paul Lips
IOF Working Party on Quality of Life
Academisch Ziekenhuis
Vrije University
Endocrinology Dept.
Postbox 7057
NL-1007 MB Amsterdam
FAX: +31 20 444 0502

IOF Working Party on Quality of Life
By: Dr. P. Lips

User agreement signed by:


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