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MAY 11, 2002

Lisboa Congress Center, Portugal

Wrist fracture identified as important risk factor for future male osteoporotic fractures

A relatively common wrist fracture represents an important risk factor for future hip fracture among men.

History of a Colles' fracture, a fracture affecting the distal end of the radius, was shown to be a new indicator of subsequent hip fractures.

The results were presented by S. Boonen of Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium, and collaborators at the IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis.

Boonen and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of major studies published between January 1982 and August 2000 and compared the relative risk for men and women of suffering a hip fracture after sustaining a wrist (distal radius) or spine (vertebral body) fracture.

The results of their analysis clearly demonstrated that for men, a history of Colles' fracture significantly increased the relative risk of a subsequent hip fracture. Among women, in contrast, spinal fracture, but not wrist fracture, was indicative of an increased relative risk for future hip fracture.

Boonen notes "Colles' fracture is an early sensitive marker of skeletal fragility in men." Following this analysis, Boonen and colleagues recommended that men identified with a history of Colles' fracture should be considered at high risk for future hip fracture and should be evaluated as candidates for therapeutic intervention.

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The IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis is being held May 10-14, 2002 in Lisbon, Portugal. Some 5,000 participants are expected for the congress, expected to be the largest gathering ever of osteoporosis specialists from around the world. Abstracts from the congress are published in a supplementary volume of the journal Osteoporosis International. For more information visit the congress website:

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