IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis

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Satellite Symposia
(updated 26.4.2002)

Friday, May 10, 2002
13:00 – 14:45 (Auditorium 1)

From Research to Clinical Evidence:
Defining the Standard for Postmenopausal Women

Sponsor: Pfizer

Chair: P.D. Delmas


Osteoporosis: Who should be treated?
J.A. Kanis

Are progestins bone-active agents?
J. Liu

Discovery of Lasofoxifene: the next generation of SERMs and the Lasofoxifene pre-clinical evaluation
D. Thompson

Emerging data and experience with Lasofoxifene: highlights from clinical trials
A. Moffett, Jr.

Extraskeletal effects of HRT and SERMs in postmenopausal women: Breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and cognition
E. Barrett-Connor