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NYON, Switzerland
April 26, 2004

Journalists accredited to the IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis are invited to attend the daily press briefings. The briefings will be held at 12.00 – 13.00 in the Press Center at Riocentro conference center. Speakers subject to confirmation.

Saturday May 15, 2004
12.00 – 13.00
(Relevant oral presentations)
Osteoporosis epidemic in Latin America Rubem Lederman, Jose Zanchetta
Latest development in use of bone markers in identifying osteopenic women at high risk of fracture, monitoring treatment Pierre Delmas
(OC40, OC15)
Fracture risk assessment, link between smoking an osteoporosis, WHO consultation panel developments John Kanis (OC17)
Sunday May 16, 2004
12.00 – 13.00
(Relevant oral presentations)
Latest developments in strontium ranelate Jean Yves Reginster (OC39), Ego Seeman (OC45)
Economics and predicting fracture risk Olof Johnell (OC1)
Bone quality, teriparatide Mary L. Bouxsein
Monday May 17, 2004
12.00 – 13.00
(Relevant oral presentations)
Zoledronic acid for Paget's disease Paul Miller (OC48)
Vitamin D, calcium Cyrus Cooper (OC10)
Pawel Szulc (OC9)
Adolescents, nutrition Thierry Chevalley (OC27)
Latest developments in risedronate David Kendler (OC34)


The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is a worldwide organization dedicated to the fight against osteoporosis. It brings together scientists, physicians, patient societies and corporate partners. Working with its 163 member societies in more than 80 locations, and other healthcare-related organizations around the world, IOF encourages awareness and prevention, early detection and improved treatment of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, in which the bones become porous and break easily, is one of the world's most common and debilitating diseases. The result: pain, loss of movement, inability to perform daily chores, and in many cases, death. One out of three women over 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures, as will one out of eight men1. Unfortunately, screening for people at risk is far from being a standard practice. Osteoporosis can, to a certain extent, be prevented, it can be easily diagnosed and effective treatments are available.

Find out if you are at risk, take the IOF One Minute Risk Test at: The IOF website recorded 1.6 million hits in December 2003 – a 200% increase from December 2002.

1. Melton U, Chrischilles EA, Cooper C et al. How many women have osteoporosis? Journal of Bone Mineral Research, 1992; 7:1005-10


The IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
May 14-18, 2004.

The previous IOF World Congress, held in Lisbon, Portugal in 2002, attracted more than 5,400 participants.

Accredited journalists will be offered free registration.

Online registration, abstract submission and information about the meeting at:

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